lørdag den 31. januar 2009


CORRUPTION "infest of rage" demo from 1986.
excellent hardcore thrash, I loved that demo back then.


Who dont like the crumbs, this is a great live set, with a really good sound


EVOL demo from 1989
Great old Venice band, most people say this is what suicidal tendencies was supposed to sound like


EVOL "experiment in fear" cd
Their very hard to get cd, I think only 1 or 2 labels kinda carry this cd



some pictures were taken when all out war were supposed to tour with blood for blood, bfb cancelled the whole tour and Mike Score couldnt do the tour bacuse of school so they had the beneath the remains singer to fill in, but holy shit, he was a madman. Other pictures were shot in Leipzig Germany when all out war and Congress toured together


Heres a few pictures of abnegation I found, I believe they are from one of their first shows ever in Erie.
I have also uploaded the "life for a life" demo from 1993 and the "as stone strikes the cedar" demo from 1996


Alright heres a whole bunch of pictures from ABHINANDA, excellent early 90"s sxe bands from Umea Sweden, great band,great friendly people, I met them on several shows.

an introduction

ha ha well, I guess I gotta do a blog instead. Well my intentions were to build a website, but I soon realized how time consuming that would be. Anyway let me introduce myself, Im Henrik Nielsen
Im soon turning 37 years old wow!. My way of comming into hardcore starts many years back. When I was about 8 years old, I was introduced to AC/DC and IRON MAIDEN, that happend through a childhood friend whose parents were drugdealers, little did i know back then. After that I started getting into more heavy metal like SAXON-JUDAS PRIEST-SCORPIONS and the list goes on and on, when I tyrned about 10, I was sent in a new direction, when i discovered bands like SLAYER-POSSESSED-KREATOR-VENOM and a shitloads more speed-thrash-death-black metal, I started to read a danish metal zine called "metallic beast" that would have all these crazy bands in it and I would pick it up whenever it came out.
Around 1986 I listened to a radio show and this guy talked about how he saw MOTORHEAD with CRO MAGS, at that time I didnt really pay attention to the cro mags, but he mentioned this other band that really cought my interest and that band was THE MENTORS, I found some music with them a few days later and I was hooked, later that year, I would discover some of my still today fave records: CRO MAGS "the age of quarrel" and CRUMBSUCKERS "life of dreams"
and I was completey sold.
Being a dirtpoor kid comming out of a dysfunctional family, all these bands I soon started to learn about, actually had lyrics I could somehow relate to and the shear aggression and hate were fuel for my soul. Back then hardcore were still for outcasts and people that didnt fit into society. Anyway my path was paved and I never looked back ever since, I have travelled around alot, met a ton of cool people, I made alot of friends, I have seen the rise and fall of all popular scenes around the world, that kids today worship, that wasnt around at the time. I have been to countless shows and i have seen friends just dropping out when it was no fun anymore.
One scene that still keeps me happy, is the scene in Finland, for many years I have had close good friends there and Finland seems unstoppable, tons of amazing bands and people, hands down, they got the best bands in europe.
You may be asking about the name of the blog?, the clever ones have already guessed its the title of the debut album from INTEGRITY, for me a milestone when it came out and it still rocks the shit out of most bands today. I have known the band in person since I saw my first integrity show in Hannover in 1992, I remember meeting up with Michael Muller of the infamous last struggle crew and Nick and the singer of IRONSIDE showed up as well, we all slept in this bombed out squat house in Hannover, after that I became very good friends with Dwid and the rest of the band.
My intentions with this blog is to add some personal pictures of bands and stuff and also to add older demos I really really like, that alot of people may not have heard, trust me I got some really awesome shit for you guys out there, but for now, Ill kick back and relax