mandag den 15. juni 2009


First I do apologize for no updates for a long time, the reason is becuase I have been doing a complicated essay on neglected and abused kids for school. So I have been buried in books and reading Daniel Stern and John Bowlby among others. Anyway Im turning in my essay this friday and its pretty much done so far, just need to do some adjustments. So Ill be updating very often again. Other good news are that I have been able to get hold on some other cool demos and cds in the meantime, which again will be uploaded eventally. A shirt section will be done soon, my buddy David has some interesting shirts Ill be putting up, I do have a nice bunch myself as well. Also XdrugfreeprideX from the XcatalystX board will send in some shirt pictures of some interesting bands.
If someone has some experience on how to get the best out of vector magic (the program) please give me some tips on tracing logos - pictures and artwork.
Yes chipsem that means some shit is bound to happen with CANON and other Xlife sentenceX bands.