tirsdag den 31. marts 2009

PURE BLOOD "honor of innocense" demo 1991 Usa

PURE BLOOD "honor of innocense" demo 1991.
Again a Memphis hardline band, these guys did produce a pretty good demo here, I got this years ago, proberly the same year it was done. I got a live show with PURE BLOOD in Memphis playing with RAID and it showed a really young band on stage and also playing a INTEGRITY cover song with the RAID guitar player singing the song, which was actually pretty fucking cool. Once again I have no cover sleeve, so I really need a scan if someone should have it.

PREVAIL demo 1999 hardline sxe Poland

PREVAIL was according to Adam one of the last hardline sxe bands comming out of Poland when the hardline scene was kinda dying out. I dont know much about the band. The demo sounds like its a rehearsal tape, but sound is actually great and the band is catchy as hell, I like this demo alot.
No coversleeve, again if someone has it, ill like a scan of it.

RESPECT "to all beings,to all life" demo Poland

RESPECT "to all beings,to all life" demo Poland.
Again another great band that came out of Poland, straight edge in your face when the sxe hardcore scene was boiling big time in Poland, check it out, real good stuff.

REPERCUSSION demo Atlantic City hardcore

Gruff and Tuff east coast hardcore here, Great songs along the line of their cd.

RECOIL demo 1991 vegan sxe hardline

This is a demo I got from my old tapetrader buddy tom Lang from Austria.
Memphis hardline band here, the sound aint too pretty on this one, but if you collect the hardline bands, this is definetely one of the demos to get.


Awesome split 7" between INTEGRITY and MAYDAY, best material from MAYDAY I think and 2 great songs from INTEGRITY.

BIRTHRIGHT & UNCONQUERED split 7" on words of war records

not the most interesting 7" on words of war records, however UNCONQUERED is a band I really like and pretty much makes the 7" worthwhile.

mandag den 30. marts 2009


I promised to have an update for you, but unfortunately my DSL line died in the weekend, so it was not possible to do anything, my internet and phone is gone still, a tech guy will come early mornign and look at the lines and hopefully it will be up and running again tomorrow. So Im sitting at work right now and writing this. So hopefully soon Ill be able to do some updates for you.
So for you still wating for an email from you, sorry but Il get back to you a.s.a.p.

fredag den 27. marts 2009


Just got back from Barcelona, whats a fucking awesome city!! if you are into architecture, you will love that city, Gaudi houses looked wicked!! in general I just kinda fell in love with that city and will surely go back there eventually. Found a couple of cool record stores as well, didnt really buy anything except for a real nice COCK SPARRER shirt.
Anyway since im such a globetrotter David the tank and I will hit NYC in the easter holidays, will be great to see the hooligans in New York, so basicly it means party time new york style! and some ink too ofcourse. Anyway I got some nice things comming up tomorrow, tonight ill just be relaxing with the wife and dogs

mandag den 23. marts 2009


Great day today, got a ton of stuff in the mail, meaning my pile of cds-demos -cdr are just growing and growing. Also its good for the fine and smart people reading this blog, because that means alot more new demos to eventually check out. Also for XemonerdX, just got that DYINGRACE cd in and let me tell you its a bonebreaking cd. Ill rip it for you very soon.
Also I was just looking at a few tapes I found in a box today and I found a few goodies I gotta record as well. First is an advance for the unreleased 7" with FULL CONTACT (Dans first band). also it contained the SUBSTANCE ABUSE demo as well + 1 more demo that made me real happy, proberly the very first IGNITE demo with 5 songs, especially since I love everything by IGNITE, however I think their very best release is their debut ep "scarred for life", dont get me wrong, I really like the voice of Zoli but I really prefer Randy Johnson, each song on the ep is just really brilliant.
Also amazing shirts came in from John as well, thank you very much John!!! hopefully soon ill be posting alot of pictures from John.
Im off early tuesday morning for Barcelona and will be back on friday again. So no updates before the weekend. For now check out some of the bands posted, even if you dont know it or think the name sounds silly or whatever, you may be surprised that it may blow you balls off.

fredag den 20. marts 2009

NO ONES ALLIE demo 1987

NO ONES ALLIE demo 1987.
For some reason this cool girl from Califa send me a tape back in 87 with 4 demos on it and those were NO ONES ALLIE - WALK PROUD - STRAIGHTARM - SECOND THOUGHTS.
All 4 demos I were and still are into.
NO ONES ALLIE demo is raw and the band were cool as hell. Im totally into this demo, check it out.

NO MERCY "widespread bloodshed" 12" suicidal records

NO MERCY "widespread bloodshed" 12" suicidal records.
This is is great memories, ripping boards and blasting out the Venice bands. NO MERCY is along with EXCEL the best bands that Venice would produce. I wish the record would be re released on cd, but I have heard that the master tapes are lost or something, so it will most likely never happen.

NO JOKE "new school" cassette

NO JOKE "new school" cassette.
The final release from NO JOKE, although I think their first 7" smokes anything else they did, this is a solid cassette. i used to have this as an original, but it was traded away, ill try to get a cover scan for this cassette and put it in here.

NEW BLOOD st 7" 1994 Usa

NEW BLOOD st 7" 1994 Usa.
This is one of my all time fave 7"inches. NEW BLOOD were fucking killer! I got this record from Francisco of fade in mailorder when it came out, this was a self release, so I assume it never really got much distribution. Musicwise this is skull pounding Reno style hardcore.
If anyone have more info on NEW BLOOD and have anything else they recorded I would really like to get copies !!!.

NEGATE demo 1997 Belgium

NEGATE demo 1997.
Great demo from NEGATE, more hardcore than their records for sure. So the demo is more down my alley.

MAYDAY "the underdark" 7" 1992

MAYDAY "the underdark" 7" 1992 vicious circle records.
When I got this 7" when it came out, it totally blew me away, dark and evil, this is almost the best songs they did, but one release was better and that was the split release with INTEGRITY.

MAYDAY "staplegun" 10"

MAYDAY "staplegun" 10".
Awesome release on stormstrike records, artwork looks great, Jojo always did put alot of effort into his releases.

MAYDAY "lost in sabbath" 7" 1994

MAYDAY "lost in sabbath" 7".
Excellent record that came out on endless fight records, not their best but great great record.

BULL demo Japan

BULL demo Japan.
Brutal style hardcore from BULL, try to find their cd as well, although it might be a tuff one to find.
http://www.mediafire.com/file/zym1mrtn2im/brain storm - demo 1 2000.zip

BRAIN STORM 1st demo Japan

BRAIN STORM 1st demo Japan.
The fist demo from BRAIN STORM.

BRAIN STORM "death blow music" demo Japan

BRAIN STORM "death blow music" demo Japan.
Tuff and gruff hardcore from BRAIN STORM, this is their second demo.

BLOOD OF THE FALLEN sample cd 2006 Japan

BLOOD OF THE FALLEN 1 song sample cd 2006 Japan.
yeah can you spell HEAVEN SHALL BURN, brutal brutal from this band.

BLACK LOGIC 3 way split cdr Japan

BLACK LOGIC 3 way split cdr Japan.
3 songs by 3 of Japans young and upcomming bands 1 from each, metallic hardcore is the key word here.

torsdag den 19. marts 2009

cool new uploads

well well, my buddy Markus send me the new CUTDOWN cd, really amazing stuff again from those killers, Thank you very much brotha.
Im currently uploading a bunch of really cool music. So tomorrow(friday) there will be a bunch of japanese demos and misc demos and 7"inches.

mandag den 16. marts 2009

BRAND X skateboards

Bobs very first freestyle pro model, the picture dosent really do the graphic justice, the graphic is just fucking awesome, good times when the companies were still silkscreening the skateboards.


This was Bobs promodel on MADRID before starting CIRCLE A.


CIRCLE A SKATEBOARDS were my all time fave company, I have ridden most of these boards in the 80"s. Some of the most popular hardcore skaters have been associated with CIRCLE A throughout the 80"s, most famous is proberly Duane Peters. Also the infamous D.I. board that came with "johnnys got a problem" 7".
Today CIRCLE A are still active, Bob Schmelzer runs his company and shop in San Jose and on my first California trip, I went down to stay with Bob and the new skool collective which was the tattoo shop in the same house, most people will proberly know Adam Barton that was staying in San Jose at that time.


POORHOUSE SKATEBOARDS were the last company that Bob Schmelzer did, although he made more than these 2 models, I havent seen others around.
These 2 models are Bob Schmelzer and Ricky Winsor.


skull skates best board for sure, SOCIAL DISTORTION completely rocks hard, classic design

skull skates WASTED YOUTH

SKULL SKATES again showing the punkrock hardcore attitude

factory 13 INTEGRITY skateboard

This is not an official INTEGRITY board, atleast these were made without the knowledge of the band, although a really cool board that was done by a local small skateboard manufacturer in Cleveland

skull skates RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS board

SKULL SKATES on the spot again, doing RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS, love them or hate them, they were pretty good on their first albums

vision skateboards AGENT ORANGE

VISION skateboards made this AGENT ORANGE board that was given away in a contest. Theres another model excisting, but i dont have it

skull skates GANG GREEN skateboards

Here you see some real old boards that SKULL SKATES made with GANG GREEN. These guys were notorious for drinking fighting fucking and doing whatever drug they could lay their hands on.