tirsdag den 28. april 2009

CONTRITION shirt from Ulli

CONTRITION various pictures

Ulli ex-CONTRITION and FALL OF SERENITY have been so fucking cool to get a clearing to upload both their cds and also providing me with some nice pictures as well.
I always considered CONTRITION as one of Germanys best bands, I love the rough style they deliver on the mcd while maturing on their fullength which is pure utterly brutal, showing their capability of delivering the hammer!.
Again I cant thank Ulli enough for providing pictures and being a really cool guy.

CONTRITION "st" mcd time for revolt records 1996 Germany

CONTRITION "st" mcd time for revolt records 1996 Germany.
Their first mcd, which I believe is pretty fucking hard to find anywhere.

CONTRITION "transitory" cd march through records 1998 Germany

CONTRITION "transitory" cd march through records 1998 Germany.

REFUSED various live shots

REFUSED "operation headfirst" demo

REFUSED to me were one of the most influentional bands to ever come out of europe. I do have to admit I really prefer their older stuff. They were an extremely nice bunch of guys, always put on some amazing live shows including an outstanding performance at the Bergslagsrocken in Fagersta, where Dennis snugged me into his hotel room, since I had no place to sleep.
These guys were responsible for the rise of the swedish hardcore sxe scene, unfortunately it would crash and burn bad some years later.

RANCOR live pictures from their Dilsen show in 1995

RANCOR "distinguish" mcd Holland 1997

RANCOR "distinguish" mcd lifeforce records Holland 1997.
RANCOR were a great bands from Holland and I was blessed to see the band a couple of times.
Their best show were in Dilsen belgium with INTEGRITY and RINGWORM.
Pretty cool these guys used a drummachine named R2D2.

tirsdag den 21. april 2009

OVERCOME "as the curtain falls" 7" life sentence records Usa 1996

OVERCOME "as the curtain falls" 7" life sentence records Usa 1996.
Just a brilliant 7" from OVERCOME, I love every single release that these guys ever made. Gu buy every cd they released, Im sure you wont be dissapointed.


ONE SECOND THOUGHT "queens style" demo Usa

ONE SECOND THOUGHT "queens style" demo Usa 4 songs.
These guys were really fucking awesome, Love their mcd on Cartel records, get it if you are lucky to find one, they are completely sold out long time ago, but enjoy the demo.


ODK CREW "old school vs new school" 7" Belgium 1997.

ODK CREW "old school vs new school" 7" Belgium 1997.
Excellent 7" from this veterans, contains members of congress and vitality, check out their latest self released mcd as well. saw these guys in the mid 90"s or something, they were great live.


CRYSTAL LAKE "coexist and unite " demo Japan

CRYSTAL LAKE "coexist and unite " demo Japan 1 song.
One of Japans best newer bands.


CRUX demo 1998 Japan

CRUX demo 1998 Japan 4 songs.


CREATIVE 1st demo 2005 Japan

CREATIVE 1st demo 2005 Japan 4 songs.


CRAP HOUSE "Nara city hardcore" demo 1999 Japan

CRAP HOUSE "Nara city hardcore" demo 1999 Japan 2 songs.


CRANK "united we stand" demo 1998 Japan

CRANK "united we stand" demo 1998 Japan 3 songs.



Im back again from a great trip to New York, great seeing alot of old friends and also meeting new people.
Ill be doing a bunch of updates later today.

tirsdag den 7. april 2009


No updates before tuesday next week, Im off to NYC so have a great easter, I know i will

lørdag den 4. april 2009

RAID "thats the law" demo + live

I always loved RAID. The demo was killer, check for yourself. The pictures I stole of the XcatalystX board and proberly Rat from STATEMENT took the pictures, but Im not sure.
I have also included a live recording, it says Syracuse, but Im pretty sure its a recording from Memphis, But I dont care, its RAID it could have been a live recording from a backyard and I would still like it.


DRABNESS "mask of silence" demo Sweden

The third and last demo from DRABNESS. These guys kinda went under the radar of all the bands comming out of Sweden in the 90"s, however these guys were serious fucking good, which you can check out on these demos. They did made a mcd on TPL records, which was a pressing of a 1000 copies. I know the japanese kids goes apeshit over this band, because I have been sendning a bunch of cds over there and they sold out right away. Anyway check out DRABNESS, these guys were great.

DRABNESS "trapped" demo Sweden

Second demo from DRABNESS.

DRABNESS demo 1 Sweden

This is the first demo from DRABNESS on UPRISING TAPES, that was run by Henrik from OUTLAST, so you know this is great stuff.