onsdag den 2. december 2009

H8INC "a clockwork misery" cd

Go get the new H8INC cd from the CTYC family, this release destroys everything.
Best cd of the year!! Go support real hardcore

søndag den 29. november 2009

TORMENT "fragileitearmyselfdown" demo Usa

TORMENT "fragileitearmyselfdown" demo Usa.
I guess a really overlooked band, these guys were a vegan sxe band from Carmel city California and released this demo sometime in the 90"s. A shame they never made it further than the demo stage, because I think this demo is really quite amazing, tons of great hooks and some melodic and acoustic parts as well, really really good demo, check it out.


Movin from being very simular to EARTH CRISIS in sound, I think these guys progressed from cd to cd, I think STAMPIN GROUND were one of the best bands that the UK could produce at the time, really an amazing band.

ONE SECOND THOUGHT "Queens style everyday struggle" demo 1997

ONE SECOND THOUGHT "Queens style everyday struggle" demo 1997.
Whoa love OST, especially their mcd is so awesome, also exstremely hard to find around.

MUSHMOUTH "thick as thieves" demo Usa

MUSHMOUTH "thick as thieves" demo Usa.

MUSHMOUTH "look ahead" demo 1996 Usa

MUSHMOUTH "look ahead" demo 1996 Usa.
I always liked MUSHMOUTH alot, cds were rockin and the demos were pretty good too.

INTACT xxx demo 1996 Usa

INTACT xxx demo 1996 Usa.
Pretty generic and kinda boring demo from INTACT, but Ill post it anyway, maybe someone else would be more into the demo than me.

HARDCORE COMPILATION uprising tapes #1 Sweden

HARDCORE COMPILATION uprising tapes #1 Sweden.
Well well the first release from awesome uprising tapes. Im tipping my hat for uprising, those guys sure came out with some hot releases back then.

GROUNDZERO "play the plague" demo 1996

GROUNDZERO "play the plague" demo 1996.
Second demo from this CT band, I actually like their demos better than the mcd they released.

FURY OF V "reflections of reality" demo 1995

FURY OF V "reflections of reality" demo 1995.
Love or hate the band, the demo is pretty cool, fave song is definitely taste the steel.

mediafire links

All dead rapidshare links have now been replaced with new mediafire links.
New demos comming up tonight

torsdag den 26. november 2009

re uploading old files

Im currently re uploading all rapidshare files, this will take 1 - 2 days, since I can only do it at work, Kaspersky wont accept uploads to mediafire, its kinda boring, but the boring parts first, since its about 90 files I gotta upload again, it will take a little time, hopefully Ill be all done with uploads and new links by the weekend.
Also for any scandinavians reading this: we have KICKBACK booked as the first headliner for next years Fredericia hardcore fest and its also extended for another day, so 3 days total, many more bands in the works as well

tirsdag den 24. november 2009


Im aware that this blog has not been updated for quite some time, unfortunately I have felt a little overwhelmed to get something done, basicly for a long time my works and studies and private life have been taking most of my time and also being in Florida for a while didnt help either.
I hope I can get the blog rollin abit again, a kid named Hiro also offered to do japanese stuff for it, so I guess Ill email him to tell him to go ahead. Some have been aware that all the rapidshare links are dead, I cancelled the account and will move the files to mediafire instead,Ill see if I can get them uploaded while at work.
Ill try to get my ass into gear so you folks can get some more demos to enjoy, still have a ton to add and I think I have a pile of demos I still need to record digitally.
So what Im saying is that Ill start to get this rollin again asap

tirsdag den 28. juli 2009

LASH OUT fax to stormstrike records

Alright this is pretty cool, Jojo from stormstrike records just mailed me this fax, he just found in his archives, it should be a fax from Håvards Father regarding all the black metal stuff that went on it Norway and how he dont want his son and the band to be involved in this. So I guess the LASH OUT tour was out of the question. Anyway we thought it would be pretty cool to put up here. Sorry to bust your balls Håvard, but it is pretty funny

lørdag den 25. juli 2009

SIX FEET DEEP pictures Usa

I have a softspot for alot of the christian sxe bands. SIX FEET DEEP were an Ohio based band that rocked pretty hard, I see both their cds on ebay all the time, so its very easy to find, a bunch of live shot, that I think Dwid gave me, but Im not sure.

SOLITUDE picture

1 picture from shortlived sxe band SOLITUDE from Umea Sweden

SPLINTER pictures

2 pictures I got send years ago, I forgot who send them to me.


I shot these pictures with STRETCHARMSTRONG while being away for a weekend with BROTHERS KEEPER in Atlanta and South Carolina. Great band and real friendly too, which reminds me that both shows had some pretty cool bands lined up, which included PRAYER FOR CLEANSNING and UNDYING

TENFOLD "vengeance will be ours" 7" Usa

TENFOLD "vengeance will be ours" 7" Usa.
Second 7" from TENFOLD, this time abit more metal.

TENFOLD "now is our time" 7" Usa

TENFOLD "now is our time" 7" Usa.
Excellent band that came out of Connecticut.

TANK "family" 7" Usa

TANK "family" 7" Usa.
Totally underrated band that was released on +/- records.
Heavy stompin hardcore here.

SWAT demo Usa ??

I got this demo send years ago from a girl from Chicago.
Awesome demo, but have no clue about the band, I do rememebr seeing a classified in MRR from the band, other than that, I cant say anything about the band, if someone knows anything, please fill me in.

SUNRISE "firewalk with me" demo 1996 Poland

SUNRISE "firewalk with me" demo 1996 Poland.
1st demo from this killer polish band, every release from SUNRISE just kept getting better and better.

torsdag den 23. juli 2009

Japanese demo cassettes for trade

Shoot me an email if interested, will trade for regular cds etc.
a simple journey 4 way split with: hands upon salvation - monument of pain - breath of dispair - disagree

wiz own bliss "sound urban assault" demo 2000

offside trap demo 1997

engremXX "determined way" demo 2000

stand proud demo

rebuild demo 2000

immortality "sympathized memories" demo

several resistance "first demonstration" demo

no allegiance demo 1998

dyingrace demo

crux demo 1998

zonezero demo 1998

zonezero demo 1998 (2 different demos)

shades of gray demo

downfall 1st demo 1997

strength "life is pain" demo 1996

falling down "anger conviction power" demo

outbroken demo

minor league 1st demo

strong bones "unity" demo 1997

strong bones demo

live it down demo 2000

live it down " wave a flag" demo 2001

neoteny demo

at one stroke demo 1997

birthplace demo

commune demo 3 songs

devout demo

brain storm "death blow music" demo

brain storm demo 1 2000

bull demo

circle of chain demo

crap house " nara city hardcore" demo 1999

reason of silence " earth to tribute admiration" demo 2000

anno christ demo

device change demo 1997

abuse the abuser demo 1999

wall of hate demo 1999

all the suffering "empty" demo 2006

holy keeper " faint gleam of foreverness " demo

pay the price "victimize" demo

gallows the villain "destiny" demo 2003

gallows the villain "sent villain to the gallows" demo

all over again demo

everlast demo 2000

tirsdag den 21. juli 2009


Im looking for a honest reliable person in Japan to supply with me with some cds Im in need off, sinnce I cant order from some online shops, I need someone to pick the cds/dvds up for me. Paypal account will be needed, I have a list of stuff I need. Get in touch with me if you think you will be up for it. Hiro already got his hands full supplying me with stuff.
email me if interested

mandag den 20. juli 2009


Ill say it again, one of the best bands ever to come out of europe. Still I prefer their old material

various liveshots of REFUSED

RINGWORM pictures from european inquisition tour 1995