fredag den 27. februar 2009

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torsdag den 26. februar 2009

INTEGRITY live recordings

Alright I guess its no secret that INTEGRITY is one of my alltime fave bands, hell the blog is named after their debut album. Knowing these terrorists for so many years, I know controversy have been surrounding this band for years. Anyway I feel very lucky to have seen these guys playing a ton of shows, visiting Dwid and the band alot of times in Cleveland, been kinda like a roadie for the 1995 tour, which was the best tour they ever did I think. Also seeing them hit Copenhagen on their latest tour, playing a completely sold out show (the club takes about 170 people, but they sold tickets for 260 people) hotter than a finnish sauna, they did a killing performance which had the crowd going insane, im stoked to have the show on dvd and seeing Dwid again, hopefully soon again my friend.
I have added a whole bunch of live recordings for you to check out.

INTEGRITY pictures taken by boyz in the hood fanzine

INTEGRITY pictures from Cleveland shows

INTEGRITY european inquisition tour 1995

INVIDIA "feel my hate" demo

INVIDIA "feel my hate" demo.
These guys were brutal, they pretty much picked up where RANCOR left off. They were supposed to do a mcd on lifeforce records, but it never happend. I also believe they made a second demo, but I have never heard it, so if they did a second demo, ill like to hear it.