torsdag den 23. juli 2009

Japanese demo cassettes for trade

Shoot me an email if interested, will trade for regular cds etc.
a simple journey 4 way split with: hands upon salvation - monument of pain - breath of dispair - disagree

wiz own bliss "sound urban assault" demo 2000

offside trap demo 1997

engremXX "determined way" demo 2000

stand proud demo

rebuild demo 2000

immortality "sympathized memories" demo

several resistance "first demonstration" demo

no allegiance demo 1998

dyingrace demo

crux demo 1998

zonezero demo 1998

zonezero demo 1998 (2 different demos)

shades of gray demo

downfall 1st demo 1997

strength "life is pain" demo 1996

falling down "anger conviction power" demo

outbroken demo

minor league 1st demo

strong bones "unity" demo 1997

strong bones demo

live it down demo 2000

live it down " wave a flag" demo 2001

neoteny demo

at one stroke demo 1997

birthplace demo

commune demo 3 songs

devout demo

brain storm "death blow music" demo

brain storm demo 1 2000

bull demo

circle of chain demo

crap house " nara city hardcore" demo 1999

reason of silence " earth to tribute admiration" demo 2000

anno christ demo

device change demo 1997

abuse the abuser demo 1999

wall of hate demo 1999

all the suffering "empty" demo 2006

holy keeper " faint gleam of foreverness " demo

pay the price "victimize" demo

gallows the villain "destiny" demo 2003

gallows the villain "sent villain to the gallows" demo

all over again demo

everlast demo 2000

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