tirsdag den 12. maj 2009

RETURN TO HEAVEN v/a tape from Repel records Germany

RETURN TO HEAVEN v/a tape from Repel records Germany.
Tons of great bands on this tape, changing fron old school to new school bands. This came with a big booklet, but I have tagged all the songs according to the booklet.

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  1. Wow, this one brings back memories. My old band, Disdain, is on this one, heh. Our track's called 'Untouchable' btw. Some good stuff on here for sure. The booklet's track-listing is wrong btw, I believe 1134 is track #2 and from Slavearc to Born From Pain all tracks move up one spot.

  2. This is a very cool compilation, thanks for the post! And XemonerdX is right, from what I can tell after a little research, the actual tracklist is as follows:

    01. "Break It" - Discord
    02. "Idle Regression" - Eleven Thirty-Four
    03. "Sentenced" - Slavearc
    04. "Burning Still" - Burning Still
    05. "Given for a Dime" - Damage I.D.
    06. "Kill" Despair
    07. "Death Before Dishonor" - Iron Skull
    08. "No Passing Phase" - Mainstrike
    09. "Blood In, Blood Out" - Drowning
    10. "Christborn" - Born From Pain
    11. "Golden Flag" - Pray Silent
    12. "My Blindfold" - Disrespect
    13. "False" - Reaching Forward
    14. "Straight Edge Pride" - Sportswear
    15. "Your Guilt is My Cross to Bear" - Disdain
    16. "Face Off to Survive" - Undebatable Ground

  3. cool, good to get it clear, I assume people can retag the songs themselves. Ohh yeah Andrew thanks for the links, unfortunately I didnt have any time to listen to the hate o four stuff yet