onsdag den 1. april 2009

HATEFULL DISTRICT "hatecore" demo Belgium

HATEFULL DISTRICT "hatecore" demo Belgium.
This demo came out sometime in the middle or late 90"s. Brussels hardcore is what you got here, very influenced by NEGLECT for sure. Cool demo pissed of style here.

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  1. If you hadn't posted it I would have at some point, hahaha... Good stuff, and yeah, total Neglect-worshipping going on.

    I remember Alain OFB making a comment in some old zine about the singer, that he was the biggest Neglect-fan around and couldn't make it to any of the shows on their European tour for some reason. Making fun of the guy, hehehe...

  2. he he good story though, Alain is a cool guy for sure. I got the dyingrace cd comming up for you tonight, Im currently uploading it to mediafire

  3. Great! I know the singer, Xavier. I always wanted this demo, but he never had any copies left!!