onsdag den 1. april 2009

HATE O FOUR demo 1997 Usa

HATE O FOUR demo 1997 Usa.
Pretty good demo from this gruff straight forward band, nothing groundbreaking, but a pretty descent demo, check it out.

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  1. Wow, shocked to see this here as this band is from my home city. I have their live demo and the 7" as well if you're interested. I still listen to them from time to time even today. Always wished they would have put a few more of the tracks from the demos onto the 7", too!

  2. Hey Andrew
    yeah ofcourse Il be interested in that live demo and the 7" for sure

  3. I remember when these kids were all vegan straight edge and one by one they old fucking sold out. Assholes then, assholes now.