torsdag den 12. marts 2009

LOWLIFE "bay area hardcore" demo

LOWLIFE "bay area hardcore" demo.
I love this band, in the vein of POWERHOUSE - DOOMSDAY DEVICE, here you will get their demo and their 2005 demo recording, although I have no cover for the 2005 demo.
These guys also released a killer album called "nowhere bound". I assume its out of print, because i see no one that sells the cd anywhere, so when you find it, grab it, you will not be disapointed, brutal hardcore!!

3 kommentarer:

  1. i'm going to see gabe tomorrow. he's a proud new papa!

    ps. if you're every interested in getting rid of this for some reason, pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase let me know.

  2. apparently there is a '98 demo as well (according to gabe), which i can only assume i will never see/ hear. also, that second "demo" i think was done in 2004, but that's not too far off. it was recorded by mike boden @ the plant recording studios in saucalito, ca. it is only available in mp3 form, but i think the band wants to to an official release for it, but that has yet to be seen. family priorities and lack of funding are all hindering the release of it.

  3. awesome..I had lost that second demo mp3s. saw the singer of this band and wreak from nj bloodline tearing it up in Houston for the dudes and can up nowhere bound if ness.