onsdag den 11. marts 2009

APOSTLE promo tape 1998 Sweden

APOSTLE promotape 4 songs 1998 Sweden.
Militant vegan sxe warriors in effect here, supertight death metal from these youngsters. I never really liked the vocal, but holy shit the music is awesome, something that Dan Svanoe would be very proud of ha ha. Grab their cd whereever you can find it.

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  1. That's the scan of my copy, hahaha, unless all copies were numbered #4/20 :)

    Cool guys, visited their drummer in summer of 1998. Hung out with em for a while, saw em live in the middle of nowhere with Convinced, the John Travolta Noise Experience (short-lived screamo band) and a hardcore band made up of 10/11-year old kids, not kidding. The guy behind Carnage Records, who never released the 7", was also at that show. Good times.

    Last thing I heard of em (from Rikard) was that he was the only one left who was still vegan sXe. That was in 2000/2001 or so. Dunno what's up with any of em these days. IIRC Oskar also used to play in Last Match tho.

  2. yeah thats your demo alright ha ha, i had it, just without the cover. if you have pictures of apostle, you should put them on your blog for sure