mandag den 23. marts 2009


Great day today, got a ton of stuff in the mail, meaning my pile of cds-demos -cdr are just growing and growing. Also its good for the fine and smart people reading this blog, because that means alot more new demos to eventually check out. Also for XemonerdX, just got that DYINGRACE cd in and let me tell you its a bonebreaking cd. Ill rip it for you very soon.
Also I was just looking at a few tapes I found in a box today and I found a few goodies I gotta record as well. First is an advance for the unreleased 7" with FULL CONTACT (Dans first band). also it contained the SUBSTANCE ABUSE demo as well + 1 more demo that made me real happy, proberly the very first IGNITE demo with 5 songs, especially since I love everything by IGNITE, however I think their very best release is their debut ep "scarred for life", dont get me wrong, I really like the voice of Zoli but I really prefer Randy Johnson, each song on the ep is just really brilliant.
Also amazing shirts came in from John as well, thank you very much John!!! hopefully soon ill be posting alot of pictures from John.
Im off early tuesday morning for Barcelona and will be back on friday again. So no updates before the weekend. For now check out some of the bands posted, even if you dont know it or think the name sounds silly or whatever, you may be surprised that it may blow you balls off.

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  1. Thanxxx man, looking forward to hearing more Dyingrace!

  2. Ignite was amazing. I accidentally knocked my friend's front tooth out during their set a while back in SF. Weird.