onsdag den 4. marts 2009


Proberly one of the most overlooked bands from Europe. Being a friend with Vegard ever since the earliest stage of the band, I have seen the progression of LASH OUT. I have to admit I think their debut mcd "a reflection in blood" is the material I like the most, but the band shows how good they are on their later recordings. LASH OUT also ran into a few problems in Norway, because their newly recruited guitar player was a satanist, at that time the whole black metal scene in Norway had a talent with fire and several churches was burned down to the ground, which forced the band to let him go. Unfortunately I traded my demo away to Japan and I forgot to make a recording of it, but if I get the recording eventually, Ill post it here. Theres gonna be a complete discography cd out anytime soon, which will also include their unrealeased album named "the judas breed", it finally seems like Vegard got a label to release the discography, personally I cant wait for it and I hope Vegard will include alot of info and pictures. We are waiting.

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