torsdag den 5. februar 2009

XSECURITY THREATX "the order" mcd

XSECURITY THREATX "the order"mcd
you wont find alot of cds on this blog, but theres a few reasons why I have put the security threat mcd up here. Well it was only a limited press of the mcd, its completely sold out and very hard to find, so if you find it new or used, you should definitely grab it.
This is bonecrushing vegan sxe assault in your face, one of the best cds to come out of Finland ever, trust me you will not be dissapointed in this band, unfortunately broken up, but this mcd is a hammer!.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Much respect for posting this one!

  2. Hey Kimmu
    whats up in Turku?
    Yeah Xsecurity ThreatX Killed, Mikka I see and talk to once in a while.
    Anyway keep checking the blog, alot more vegan sxe stuff will be added in time

  3. Yeah, Miikka is really good guy. I am also digging the band he now has, COLD INSIDE. Totally crucial stuff as well!