onsdag den 11. februar 2009

EXCEL pictures and live

EXCEL were and still is one of my fave bands, "split image" is one of those albums Ill never be tired of listening too. My attention to the band came when they did their demos and had me eagerly waiting for their debut release and I was blown away. Also included is pictures of their ultra collectible skateboard on excel skates, expect to pay up a few grand for a mint condition like this. Also the people at rotten records re released both "split image" and "the jokes on you" incl a shitload of bonus songs, meaning you will get all demos and "welcome to venice" comp songs. Best deal you can get.
Live pictures were shot in europe and i have included a live set from Sneek Holland from 1989.

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  1. I have some photos I took in Ybor City FL 1990 when I saw them there. I have saved your blog in favourites - some time I'd like to email them to you if you care to add them to your collection?

    Thanks as well! A few months ago I downloaded the live set you offered. I have a few shows myself from earlier years BUT they are on tape from the tape trading days - if ever that situation is fixed, I'll get those to you somehow. :)

  2. exmorbidroadie
    pictures will always be appreciated, so if you can email them to me, ill put them up here.
    I used to have a bunch of excel shows on cassettes, but i cant find them, shows were from Santa Monica and around, I hope a friend of mine has them still so I can record them.
    But hit me up with the pictures if possible

  3. Henrik - thanks for replying man! I got your email now, so I'll send you some photos in the next couple of days to help you with the EXCEL stuff.

    Many of my fave bands come from Sweden ofcourse, in metal and HC oriented styles...for a relatively small country, there's been consistently excellent bands and many of them for decades.

    I regret never having been able to visit.

    Anyway, soon I'll send you a mail with some decent photos you should enjoy and they'll have some information on the photos too.

    Alan (exmorbidroadie)