mandag den 16. februar 2009

new uploads

Alright, Ill be doing a few Japan and Sweden specials, since I have alot of demos from both countries. I also wanna upload files to mediafire, however it seems like I got some problems uploading to mediafire at home, it keeps stalling when it gets to about 20% upload, then nothing more happens, so Ill try to do it from work, so I can switch between rapidshare and mediafire.
Be on the lookout for alot of new stuff very very soon.

Since I used to skate alot when I was a kid, Ill be posting a complete collection of models from CIRCLE A skateboards, since I was totally into the company back then. All the punk skaters were associated with that company like Duane Peters and Ricky "metal knees" Winsor.
Also old EXCEL - BEOWULF - NO MERCY shirts will be posted.

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