søndag den 22. februar 2009

THE DEAD ONES demo 2001 Sweden

This is a really cool demo with THE DEAD ONES from Sweden, great catchy straight forward hardcore. 8 songs and a huge bunch of bonus songs, although with no titles, 45 min on this demo.

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  1. When I'm about to download the Dead Ones "Demo 2001" it says that I'm about to download AS IT STANDS "world that was 7inch" insteed. So it looks like there have been a mix up. I would really like to get hold of the Dead ones demo since I knew the drummer somewhat back then.

  2. link is fixed should be working now, let me know if it dont

  3. The link is working now, thanks!

  4. DANG,
    never heard this,cant wait to play it but THX!

    hope all is good with you guys,