torsdag den 26. februar 2009

INTEGRITY live recordings

Alright I guess its no secret that INTEGRITY is one of my alltime fave bands, hell the blog is named after their debut album. Knowing these terrorists for so many years, I know controversy have been surrounding this band for years. Anyway I feel very lucky to have seen these guys playing a ton of shows, visiting Dwid and the band alot of times in Cleveland, been kinda like a roadie for the 1995 tour, which was the best tour they ever did I think. Also seeing them hit Copenhagen on their latest tour, playing a completely sold out show (the club takes about 170 people, but they sold tickets for 260 people) hotter than a finnish sauna, they did a killing performance which had the crowd going insane, im stoked to have the show on dvd and seeing Dwid again, hopefully soon again my friend.
I have added a whole bunch of live recordings for you to check out.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Goddamn man, those photos are intense. Again i wish we'd come to Denmark to see Integrity instead of London, even still at least i finally got to see them. Keep up the good work dude!

  2. Thanks for the shitloads of Integrity stuff brother !!!