tirsdag den 3. februar 2009


well well well, I think I got this off to a pretty good start, I got a bunch of stuff uploaded and added a whole bunch of pictures. Anyway there wont be any real updates before Thursday or in the weekend, because Im working alot this week.
Im thinking about adding some demos from a bunch of finnish bands, expect aggrevated hardcore demos from: CUTDOWN - ST.HOOD - HOMEFRONT - WORTH THE PAIN - MEANT TO LAST and more, real good stuff!. Uploads will be a nice combination of straight up hardcore, older hardcore 80"s and alot of vegan sxe hardline stuff + a whole bunch of pictures, expect pics from GREEN RAGE - INTEGRITY - ONE LIFE CREW - EXCESSIVE FORCE and a ton more.
Furthermore if you think you got some interesting pictures or demos that would be worth putting up here, then please get in touch with me, credits will ofcourse be given.
some pictures I would be glad to add here, if you have any is:
- XunconqueredX live pics, especially from their euro tour
- Gehenna
- day of suffering
- excessive force
- unashamed
- focused
- strongarm
- focal point
- overcome
- setup
- new blood
- foundation
- integrity
- poweredge
- ecorage
- new york bands
- polish vegan sxe hardline bands
- 90"s vegan sxe bands
for now enjoy whats on the blog

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