onsdag den 18. februar 2009

Mike Rhodes GEHENNA

This is a picture of Mike Rhodes of GEHENNA, this was actually send to me from Mike, I believe around1990 - 1992.
I was an addicted reader of MRR since 86" and bought every single issue up to around 1994. I loved MRR, the scenereports, reviews, letters the whole deal. When MRR came up with too many obscure rules for MRR, I stopped reading it.
Anyway when they started doing classified, I ran into Mike and I mailed him about trading stuff, so we did trade alot of stuff and Mike would crash these parties and call me at all kinda times of the day. At that time he was living in Reno and he would later do area 51 records, a real fave label of mine. Ofcourse also being responsible for putting together one of the most fearsome, crazy, aggrevated brutal no compromise hardcore bands of all time: GEHENNA.
I wish they would fucking make a book or something and write down all their crazy stories and shit. But anyway Mike is cool as hell and Im stoked to find out that GEHENNA are doing stuff again. The last I know about him, is that he is in LA.
Im looking for live pictures of GEHENNA and also live videos, please contact me if you might have something!. Thanks

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  1. good luck on your hunt for the 10"!

    I should add that it's not a vinyl pressing but an acetone cut and that only 9 were made! GEHENNA will get 4 of those, one will stay with me and the rest is already promised to other people (one of them being Markus of Per Koro).

    as Mike Cheese hasn't sent me any artwork yet I still got them all here. he laid down some of GEHENNA's plans for the nearer future which might keep him/them busy at the moment!


  2. Hey Papst, OK I understand, so its not any official release. But you should do that, meanwhile Ill kick it with the demo :-).
    Hope to see GEHENNA return to europe again

  3. it is an official release but as acetone cuts are fucking expensive - a 10" is about 19 € doing 100 would have brought the price down to 15 € for a 10" EXCLUDING covers and inlays (that's the price of 500 vinyl 1o"es) and Mike said he'd prefer a real small print-run in the end I ordered 9 copies as that's the devil's number which perfectly suits GEHENNA.

    as a lot of people contacted me and asked for the 10" and as there was a point where I thought about doing 300 of them and already had Mike's permission I offered to talk about that to GEHENNA if enough (reliable) people would pre-order. as I wanted to check how many people would want how many 10"s I asked everybody interested and willing to do a pre-order to send an e-mail to gehenna9@yahoo.de telling me how many they'd pre-order.

    till now it doesn't look like I'll do another issue of it!

    I'd beat, strangle, knife and crucify if that would help to bring them back to Europe but the last time I asked Mike he said chances are rather thin that they'll come here anytime soon!

  4. Hey Papst. Good info though, Im sure it will make some collectors lick their mouth. but I would hope some day you may wanna do a regular 10" or release something new with the guys and do a regular release

  5. Why is it that they don't want any of their old, rare, out of print material put up in blogs for download? I'm just curious, as they seem like the kind of band that wouldn't give a shit. I'd LOVE to see a complete discography released, though. I never did have the "Upon the Grave Hill" vinyl, and all the rips I ever found online sounded like garbage, sadly.