torsdag den 12. februar 2009

FED UP "righteous kids" demo 1989

FED UP were a shortlived band, they were supposed to do a 7" on the new formed label from the guys behind open your eyes fanzine. But it never came out, These kids were kinda like an old school sxe band, the demo dosent have a great sound, however i still like it alot, they do "something must be done" by ANTIDOTE, how can you not like that!!

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  1. been lookin for this for a while,thanks!
    Caine, singer from TouchXDown, was in Fed Up also if i'm correct? the TouchXDown "reach for the top" demo (now released as a 7" too) was good..and they had one of the coolest sXe shirt designs :)

  2. Im glad you were able to get it then ha ha.
    touchXdown were pretty cool for sure.
    if you can send me pics of the shirt, that would be cool to see, im not sure whats the shirt looks like

  3. here's the touchdown shirt:

    simple but classic, imitated by many later on.