mandag den 9. februar 2009

DEAD WAIT demo 1993 and pictures

DEAD WAIT !! holy motherfucking shit! their demo is one of my all time fave demos!.
I learned about the band through getting in contact with Billy Hays, who were the original drummer for EXCESSIVE FORCE, he also played in DEAD WAIT, cool guy but had alot of personal problems and soon after quit both bands, anyway I got in contact with Jim Greco through Billy and Jim and me became quite good friends, he send me their demo and I was blown away. DEAD WAIT ofcourse as alot of people know, ended up on Xlife sentenceX records, one of the best labels of all time, also New age records had shown interest in the band, but wanted them to change their name, they told New age to fuck off. Anyway please enjoy the demo, I personally think its so much better than anything they ever released.

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  1. Hey Thanks for this one !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. some of these links (on the older pages) seem to link to different downloads.