tirsdag den 10. februar 2009

ECORAGE demo - live recording and pictures

Here we have ECORAGE from germany, a band that seems to have become quite a mythical band, because alot of people are looking for anything by the band, but actually havent really heard the band. I think ECORAGE are pretty good, although not blown away by them.
this is the demo they made, theres supposed to be a recording somewhere for an album, because they were supposed to do a 10" on alveran records, if someone has it, please hook me up.
The jacket belongs to my buddy Manuel from Germany and NO! he is not selling his jacket, so dont ask, only a handfull were made, something like 5 - 10 jackets, so good luck finding it, it looks pretty cool, with the stitching on a classic bomber jacket. Also thanks to Manuel for the demo and live recording as well.

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  1. Thanks for posting it! The jacket was the 2nd edition done by "fans" of the band. The first edition was in blue done by the band directly. The longsleeve is hand drawn by one of the band members, whose name I shouldn't mention anymore on the internet - he was also in Vegan Milita and Anthropophobia (I also removed his name from blogentries and links); There were also two other hand drawn shirts with an Earth First! motive on the back - I think it was the Indians motive.
    Eternal Resistance was the forerunner for Ecorage. The back says "forward to eden" in English (also the title of an old hardline zine). The mocking picture is by friends of mine, also huge fans of the band and also active in bands like Landscape (a vegan drug free band from Germany with releases on Scene Police records).

  2. Hey Buddy, thanks for the update info on this blog. drop me an email when you get the time!!

  3. wow, i used to live in bonn and had no idea these guys existed...german hardline is still a mystery to me. thanx alot for the post and this awesome blog!

  4. If the Jacket has or shows signs that it had an 'Antifaschistische Aktion' badge on the pocket on the arm it was not a 2nd edition but a real one of the 5 which were produced by the band it self. The one which had this badge had Vegan Straight Edge on the front in the same way as shown. I know!

  5. Always good with any info on ECORAGE, I dont know much really about the band. But can you tell me if POWEREDGE ever made a demo? and what about VEGAN MILITIA from Essen?? I heard they made a recording? maybe you can confirm.

  6. Ey fallen99angel don't ask the same questions again if you got the answers already.

  7. anom
    Im not sure what you really mean, the only thing as far as i know is my buddy told me that VEGAN MILITIA did a demo, but have no clue of any title or anything. For POWEREDGE I only have a live recording from them, except for a few pictures i have seen of them, i really know nothing about the band, so if they made a demo or not, I do not know. But one thing I can say is that Im sure you know me, else you wouldnt mention my ebay name ha ha

  8. on youtube you can finde some live clips: