torsdag den 12. februar 2009

FOCAL POINT "neglected" 7" Xlife sentenceX records

Yeah!! FOCAL POINT were the shit!, intense sxe hardcore here, ofcourse released on top sxe label Xlife sentenceX records. FOCAL POINT were a christian sxe band and were the second christian sxe band on Xlife sentenceX records together with the amazing OVERCOME.
Grab FOCAL POINT "suffering of the masses" cd, which can be found on ebay and other places.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Another great post! I still havent got this seven inch, but I have the full-length cd.
    Do you happen to have "Blessed are the persecuted" by OVERCOME? I have their other albums, exept that one. Well, not those seven inches, exept on the "More than death" cd that Facedown put out.

  2. Yeah i got the "blessed are the persecuted" cd, proberly my fave OVERCOME album, will upload the OVERCOME 7" eventually.
    You can get the "blessed" album on ebay and a few places around

    1. Another question :) Do you have the Focal Point demo? My friend saw it on ebay one time, but I think he did not win the auction.