mandag den 16. februar 2009

EXCESSIVE FORCE "in your blood" cd 1995 Xlife sentenceX records

EXCESSIVE FORCE "in your blood" cd Xlife sentenceX records.
This brings back alot of memories. I have known Dan since the earliest stage of EXCESSIVE FORCE and Xlife sentenceX. Our friendship began when he was still around in Il. Anyway we got in contact I think through inside front fanzine and we quickly became good friends writing together or spoke on the phone. After some time Dan approached me and asked if I was interested in doing Xlife sentenceX europe, I accepted and did that for a few years, as far as I remember, I decided to stop doing the label in europe and told Dan my decision. After that we kinda faded away from each other and I havent been in contact with Dan for years. If someone knows where he is and know why he folded the label, then please inform me, I would really like to speak to Dan again, I think that would be really cool. Also if someone has more pictures of the band, please get in touch, I would like to post more pictures of the band.

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  1. you keep bringing the goods..
    another underrated band.
    "you're a weak motherfucker
    and you never had it in you"

    let me know if you need mp3s for the 7" too?

    and there's a whole Excessive Force live set
    on youtube:

    that's the first clip,it's in 11 parts,all from the same user.

  2. hey Miikka bro whats up Xsecurity threatX brotha in da house here.
    yeah if you can send me the mp3 files for the 7" that would be awesome, i did record it long time ago, but I somehow lost the recording, atleast I can find it. Do you have some Xsecurity threatX pictures for me to post here??
    I know that show, because it may come from me, Dan send me that video tape years ago, it was a show in someones livingroom, I guess someone DL that videorecording from me.
    Hey man I still really fucking wanna get those videos from you!!! hows COLD INSIDE doing??

  3. Excessive Force rules!!!

  4. I have no idea what happened to Dan this time around. Last word I heard was that he actually sold out this time. I remember he turned up in Milwaukee (I think) after the last time he fell off the Earth around 2000. He always seemed like a nice guy in person, but I will never forget the time he said he liked my old band, and would like do our records if not for the face that he "didn't want to get involved in politics."

  5. I'm an Original member of E-Force, did the multiple US and West Coast Tours, Recorded on the "In your Blood" album, and also stuck w/Dan after Justin,Joe,Jeremy/Jamie, left and we got a replacement Drummer along with 2 New Guitar Players. We then did the Showcase Show in '98-'99 area with 18V, then headed to the Infamous Salt Lake City show W/Our late, Great, Brother's band, "Lifeless..."
    I would love to talk to Dan to just catch up. He is my brother for life...