tirsdag den 10. februar 2009

EARTH CRISIS demo 1993 and pictures

This band really needs no introduction at all, proberly the most influentional vegan sxe band of all time. Looking forward to listen to their new album, anyway Im sure alot have their demo from 1993, but Im bringing it here again. Pictures are from way back, Frank bloodthirst send me the pictures and they were shot at a Chicago show and I believe it was after "all out war" 7" was out or a bit later.

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  1. Karl is wearing HUGE Conviction shirt

  2. Hello , The " EARTH CRISIS demo 1993 " is not in this link, in this link are The " breamgod demo 2004 ", can you fix this link please ?

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  3. Yes, I would also like to second Alfredo's request. It would be wonderful if you would fix the link or upload this again!